My Snoring Solution Complete Review

My Snoring Solution is a chin strap anti-snoring device that is very simple to use. The design of this chinstrap is one which has a goes around the sides of the head vertically with a cup at the bottom that is made of fabric to give support to the chin.

My Snoring Solution Complete Review


If you have a snoring problem, you may be thinking of getting this jaw support. However, we urge you to read our full my snoring solution review first and then decide if this is the right remedy to stop your snoring. Understand this, when you put your head to sleep, a few things will start to happen. Here’s what will happen:

i. You are wide awake and still observant.

ii. Your brain will start to slow down a bit, and you can experience some strange and intense sensations, for instance, an abrupt jolt, or a weird feeling that someone might be calling you by your name.

iii. You will then slip into light sleep or a condition of drowsiness that is really the change from being awake to slipping away to slumber-land.

iv. The next stage is where you get into deep sleep and your body temperature drops while your resting heart rate slows down.

v. The last stage is when you are fully transitioned into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) where all your muscles are very relaxed but your brain is more active than at other stages of the sleep cycle.

When you muscles are fully relaxed and flaccid, movements will be very restricted. This is also true for the jaw muscles as the chin will then drop down which can cause persons mouth to be open as the fall into sleep. In addition, your tongue and other issues in your throat will tend to fall back, and blockade the airways and therefore cause the typical snoring sound that will come from the your mouth.

Here’s How The My Snoring Solution Chinstrap Work


The jaw supporter that is worn during sleeping maintains the lower jaw in an upward position and thus increases the 3D space in your airway tube and thus lessens soft tissue vibration and air velocity. As a result of the opened airways, you can breathe more freely and because there are very little vibrations, your snoring will be significantly reduced or even completely stopped.

My Snoring Solution jaw supporter easily keeps your lower jaw in a forward/upward position and significantly increases the 3-D space in your airway.

In case you have been diagnosed with the sleep disorder- sleep apnea– and you are advised to acquire a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine, you may also find that your doctor recommends wearing a jaw supporter while you sleep. CPAP therapy usually forces air into your throat via a mask and in addition the pressure of flowing air will assist your body in keeping the airways open.

How Effective Are Jaw Supporters For Snoring?

They are the easiest to use anti-snoring devices that you afford. However, this is not an indication that they are the most effective one. In fact, instead of inquiring if the device is effective, the better question to put across is if the device is right for you. This simple answer for this question would be: it is right for anyone who has a snoring problem due to the mouth being opened while sleeping.

You will also need to consider the manner in which you sleep before you can decide to purchase this device. Some anti-snoring chinstraps have wider and longer straps. The my snoring solution chinstrap is more likely to stay in place without having to slide off like these other devices that have compact straps. If you are a person that snore because of a nasal congestion, a jaw strap will not work for you. In fact, it could be hazardous because your nasal airways will be blocked and you’ll need to breathe via your mouth.

Some of The Positives of Using My Snoring Solution Jaw Strap

Here are some of the pros to using this anti snoring device:

• Compared to other devices, it is very easy to use and affordable.
• It is specifically designed for comfort, its broad support does not constrict or pinch.
• You do not have to put anything in your mouth. It is actually very difficult to doze off with something in your mouth.
• It is a fast and easy snoring solution. You simply put on the strap and go to sleep and your snoring is dramatically reduced.

Drawbacks of The My Snoring Solution Chinstrap

• After a period of time, there is the likelihood that a few of its materials may lose its elasticity and thus, reduce its effectiveness.
• I If you are someone that toss and turn while you sleep, you may alter the position of the strap during sleep which could reduce it’s effectiveness.


When you visit the official website, the price tag for the my snoring solution jaw strap is at $119 which includes shipping and handling.


The my snoring solution chinstrap is a very effective and affordable remedy for anyone looking to put an end to snoring; specifically those persons who snore via their mouth. I can safely say that this jaw supporter is very effective and will bring back the silence to your room so everyone can get some sleep.